Performed Each Scheduled Visit

  1. Communications: Address any current elevator problems with customers.
  2. Ride Elevator: Check acceleration, deceleration, stopping, ride quality, and floor level.
  3. Door Protection: Check for proper operation light ray, safety edge, and door detectors.
  4. Doors: Check all doors for smooth operation, including door rollers, gibs, interlocks, relating cable, tracks, astragal, sight guards, restrictor devices, unlocking devices and margins.
  5. Safety Switches: Verify all safety switches are operational and in proper working condition.
  6. Pit Equipment: Check, lube, clean, adjust, pit sheave, slack rope switch, buffers, counter weight guard, pipe, limits, visually check car bottom and cylinder, sweep pit floor.
  7. Hoistway: Check clearance, alignment of roller guides, car vane, limits, tape reader and locks.
  8. Machine Room: Check Motor Generator set, main machine, selector, hydraulic oil in tank, belts, pipe and Victaulic fittings. Clean machine room and floor.
  9. Controller: Observe operation of relays through acceleration, deceleration, start, and stop. Manually operate power relays, replace burned contacts, broken shunts, check pump motor relay.
  10. Fixtures: Replace burned out lamps, cracked buttons, broken or missing signal parts.
  11. Car Top: Check car top roller guides, cab steadier, guide rail lubercating device, car door operator, escape hatch, cable hitches, and clearances. Clean top of elevator.
  12. Communication Devices: Check emergency light, bell and phone in elevator.
  13. Fireman Service Operation: Check Fireman Service Phase 1 and Phase 2 for correct operation.
  14. Record Maintenance: In machine room log book and into service department computer.
  15. Communicate: Check back with customer to inform them all work is complete.



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