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Reduce trouble calls and increase passenger safety by upgrading to microprocessor controls and newer fixtures. Give your service cars improved aesthetics and durability that you will feel.

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Top Notch Elevator Maintenance in Anchorage, Alaska and state-wide.

We have one level of maintenance, Top Notch. Before signing or renewing a long-term contract, lets review previous year’s maintenance. Arctic Elevator will provide you with a 15 step maintenance plan for your elevator today!

The 15 Steps

State of Alaska & Municipality of Anchorage Elevator Inspection Repairs

Just give us a call, we can give you a quick estimate for any required inspection repairs.


People go about their business and use elevators every day. Like any mechanical device we use for everyday dependence; i.e. tractors, vehicles, pumps, boilers, and air-conditioning handlers, we have to perform maintenance to keep the mechanical apparatus functioning. Elevators are not immune to damage, leaks, wear, and breakdown and for this reason Arctic Elevator Company extends it’s services.

Imagine how many times a day elevators get used by occupants in your building or guests visiting for other reasons. The components of the car get the continual use and sometimes even abuse by passengers, the equipment are forced to capacity as people cram into the car before the doors close, the sensors may prevent the door from closing the first time and the door rollers get excessively used. Day in and out the hustle of business or pleasure keep the traffic use at a high. This is were a Top Notch maintenance program being implemented helps to extend the life of the diverse capabilities of your service elevators.

By using outdated control technologies, the performance decreases. Elevator accidents related to unbalanced leveling or not leveling with the floor can cause tripping hazards. Faulty wiring, control malfunctions, or mechanical breakdowns escalate accident numbers  each year according to – 2017.

Arctic Elevator Company performs extensive surveys on all aspects to determine what controls, motors, other equipment your service car needs  to increase performance and safety while considering energy efficiency for up to date enhancements. If your elevator has been in service for over 20 years, today’s components and controls can be the performance booster that drives your elevator service needs. Safety and performance may be the reason for the choice to modernize your elevator but a renewing feel of decor may spark productivity and foster a serene environment for your employees, tenants or clients.