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Services we can provide you

  • Top Notch maintenance
  • Modernization for ADA compliance
  • 24/7 local service calls
  • Repairs ordered by the Alaska state inspectors
  • Seismic protection upgrades
  • Minimum down time on repairs
  • Quality parts from OEM distributions
  • Restrictor angles, toe guards, and light sensors
  • Single bottom cylinder replacements
  • Sheaves, motors, cables, pumps ect.
  • MOA / SOA Inspection Repairs / Upgrades

Our Story

We are committed to providing high quality affordable elevator service and repair.
At Arctic Elevator Company, we have already identified the problem with most elevators, neglect.  Are your elevators still shutting down, trapping passengers, or perhaps they seem old and neglected, squeaking, vibrating and stopping hard?
Arctic Elevator will return your elevator to like new condition and keep it that way. 
This is something we take pride in.

Meet the Team

Mechanics, that's what we are. In 1945 Edgar, "Grandad", started Monteil's Auto Service. That is where the reputation as "Top Notch" mechanics began. It continues today. Arctic Elevator Company and the Monteils' provide the best elevator service in Alaska.


Ed Monteil

Co Founder & Sales

He is the "Big Cheese" in the company. There is not a problem that Ed can't fix. A seasoned engineer and master trainer in the trade, Ed will walk you through the process of service and procedure expectations. Inspections, repairs and maintenance are required; when you call him up, there may be a few questions that need to be asked but this gives Ed the idea of the issue you are having and he will have his talented team utilizing the latest innovations coupled with the Top Notch maintenance agenda to solve the problem. You will hang up the phone knowing you made the right choice calling Arctic Elevator Company.


Edgar Monteil

Journeyman Mechanic

Complementing the family business with his expertise of different controller and car models, Ed junior tackles problems analytically from the basics of elevator mechanics, speeds, accuracy and alignments to the seasoned approach of electronic calculations of tachometers, encoders, door time data, and diagnostic systems for testing. A few questions answered will point Eddy in the right direction to fix the issues your elevator may be experiencing. A quick look at the logs from your  controller and he will provide you the understanding of why you had issues to begin with. As with any team member, Eddy brings a skillset that is unique to the elevator industry.


David Monteil

Journeyman Mechanic

A mechanical wizard to the trade, David works his magic in the field of installation, maintenance, testing and repairs. Seismic upgrades & modernizations are his specialty, he describes the unique issues that creep out from the daily use of hydraulic or traction operation. Maybe the troubles are not gremlins in the software but rather mechanical alignments or replacement of faulty hardware causing your elevator car or controller to indicate that it needs attention. David utilizes his master craftsmanship to resolve and prevent future call outs and encourages the use of the "Top Notch" maintenance program.

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